Open yourself up to collective intelligence to ensure your projects’ success.

Connect to the WuDo platform

The WuDo platform helps you bring your projects to fruition, more quickly and more economically, by connecting you to human, material and financial resources that extend beyond your usual work environment. The digital platform includes a series of tools designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration within communities, through to final project fulfillment.

Freely exchange your skills

The WuDo platform is a collective intelligence marketplace based on the free sharing of skills.. The platform allows your employees (Skills Angels) to freely support external projects and, in return, to benefit from the expertise of other professionals. Each Skills Angel is entitled to the support of other experts to accelerate your projects or overcome specific blockages.

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Take your pick from a catalogue of services for innovation

The WuDo catalogue offers services available for a fee or that can be exchanged for WuKoins: blockchain certificates, electronic signatures, training, coaching, fab lab time, etc. (in the expanded version). WuDo regularly develops new partnerships to dynamically expand the services on offer.

Develop your potential with WuKoins

WuDo credits the account of each Skills Angel with WuKoins, in an amount equivalent to their participation in the “assignments” posted on the platform. WuKoins can be spent on services from the WuDo catalogue.

As recognition for enriching the community, Skills Angels can access new technologies, services and training, to help them move forward on their own projects.

Protect your projects and your intellectual property

The WuDo platform has a completely secure legal and technical framework. Skills Angels also benefit from legal templates and an inviolable intellectual property protection system.

Coming soon

Collaborative suite

Take advantage of all of WuDo’s tools for creating documents, conferring with other members and collaborating directly on the platform.

Expanded WuDo catalogue

The second version of the WuDo catalogue is coming soon, with access to fab labs, coaching and training.

Digital Lab

Test the latest digital technologies and create your own proof of concept (PoC) in sandbox mode, thanks to WuDo’s Digital Lab.