Enter the WuDo acceleration Studio

Accelerate your ideas and projects

Projects that are intended to become start-ups are hosted in the acceleration studio. You can enrich them with the best experts (Skills Angels) on the WuDo platform and apply the principles of “working for equity” as a form of remuneration. Our partners also offer acceleration programs for specially-selected existing start-ups.

Attract the best talents to co-build your start-up

Use the principles of working for equity to facilitate co-creation.

Contributions to accelerated projects are recorded from project launch and can give rise to the attribution of shares in the company, once it has actually been created. After company creation, that same remuneration system of working for equity can continue, if you want to further pursue your project’s acceleration.

Benefit from dedicated legal and technical solutions

WuDo allows you to use dedicated legal and technical solutions for simplified relationship management, with the aim of simplifying and securing co-creation exchanges to the maximum extent possible./span>