WuDo for companies

Overcome your projects blockages

WuDo allows your employees to connect with experts (Skills Angels) from the community and to benefit from their support to advance your business start-up or transformation projects. You can also receive feedback from other companies, on subjects that are important to you.

There is no limit on “assignment” requests, which are included in the price of the WuDo license. In exchange for the hours they donate, the platform will credit your Skills Angels with WuKoins that they can spend on the WuDo catalogue of services.

Reinforce your HR attractiveness

Instituting a WuDo program at your company helps you attract and retain the best talent. You create an open space for your staff, based on sharing and learning skill sets. WuDo allows them to engage with top experts and to keep abreast with the latest innovations.

You will also boost your employees’ commitment to your company, while enabling them to continually update their expertise.

Accelerate the performance of your employees

Thanks to the WuDo platform, you can extend the usual practices of interconnection between executives to all of your personnel. They can then quickly seek out support or appropriate responses from experts, on an ad-hoc basis.

Make the project move to the start-up

WuDo’s acceleration studio lets you connect with experts and make use of their skill sets to transform your project into a start-up. Those experts’ contributions could give rise to the attribution of shares in your new company, once it has actually been created. You can take advantage of this novel remuneration system to rally the best profiles to your project, with no additional financing required on your end.