WuDo for partners


Develop your reputation with businesses and start-ups in your region. You can put your substantial expertise, and that of your students, to work in favor of innovation, through project development, themed working groups, contributions to the start-up creation via the acceleration studio, and so on.

You can also give your students and researchers the change to use the acceleration studio for their start-up projects. They will have access to the WuDo community, so they can request guidance from experts.

Third places, Open Labs

Place your skills and resources at the disposal of projects by companies and start-ups. Enrich them with your expertise and your methods for innovation.

Identify projects hosted by your structures that could be accelerated on WuDo and help their owners to move forward with the assistance of experts from the companies and other partners in the WuDo ecosystem.

Other partners

Technical partners

Log into WuDo to publicize your solutions and help our project owners accelerate the creation of their start-ups.

Institutional partners

Help innovative projects take off by sharing your expertise in start-up creation and financing innovations.

Competitiveness clusters, sectoral associations or clusters

Offer an innovative service to your member companies by connecting them to WuDo.