Wudo communities - We believe in collective strength in the pro world!

We believe in collective strength in the professional world!

Want to join a community? Discover the Wudo communities below, some of them open the possibility for new members to join them. They also allow you to interact with their managers.

Boost French Fab

Boost French Fab aims to connect the French industrial ecosystem, promote the success of productive investment projects and the use of French “Industry of the Futur” solutions that are efficient but not always well identified.

Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications d'Excellence Autonomie et Inclusion Grand Est

The CMQE A&I aims to promote professions in the health and social sector, to facilitate recruitment and to develop professional practices by adapting training. It is one of five campuses on the theme of health spread over the national territory. He is the only one to include the notion of disability in his theme. Its territory of action extends over the Grand Est.

Club H2 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

The H2 Club aims to continue the dynamics of structuring an industrial sector in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region across the entire H2 value chain: from production to uses.

Cotisants CETIM

The Thematic Transversal Projects (PTT) and Strategic Sector Projects (PSS) of Cetim (Technical Center for Mechanical Industries) are built by and for 6500 industrialists. The objective is to steer and monitor the progress of projects.


Mobicampus offers its members a community platform to collectively develop the training offer and respond to the socio-economic challenges of the territory.

Nuclear Valley Link

Nuclear Valley Link brings together the actors of the nuclear sector ecosystem and the members of the Nuclear Valley competitiveness cluster in regions around the challenges of the sector to enable them to respond to them collectively.

Parcours Sud Industrie

To revive French industry, the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region aims to support 500 TPI/PMI thanks to the “Parcours Sud Industrie 4.0”. This commitment is part of the national support plan for 10,000 TPI/PMI by 2022. A tailor-made, linked and complete course, from awareness-raising to support for investment, offering advice, assistance with decision, then an accompaniment to the realization.

Booster PME

Booster PME is an applied innovation program to help SMEs increase their adaptability, resilience and attractiveness in the Hauts-de-France region, the demonstrator of which is at Centrale Lille and sponsored by the IRD group.

Club des animateurs

This club brings together community leaders and project leaders. The objective is to exchange and help each other around community animation (or community building), in order to strengthen everyone’s skills on this theme. This group allows its members to animate their communities in an optimal way.

Communauté des acteurs économiques du Nord Franche-Comté

Revealing the full potential of an efficient and innovative technological ecosystem, such is the ambition of the Community of Economic Actors of Nord Franche-Comté. By uniting the actors around a collaborative platform, the objective is to promote exchanges, the sharing of information, the search for skills and the emergence of new projects between companies.

Communauté Apprenante des Elus

The Learning Community of Elected Officials allows its members to share their experiences among peers and to find useful resources to design and implement the public policies they develop for their territory in connection with their administration.


The community that incubates the industry of the future! Discover, help and support industry 4.0 startups and facilitate the transition of SMEs to 4.0 through mutual aid, sharing and collaboration


RéVER’s mission is to put regional excellence in research and development at the service of business competitiveness and the attractiveness of the Hauts-de-France region, by ensuring better coordination between players in the development of research, in order to multiply the opportunities for collaboration between the academic world and the business world.


The Europe Research Innovation Network (RERI) aims to strengthen the participation of regional players in European R&D&I projects. It is coordinated by the Hauts-de-France Region and led by the HDFID agency.

Res’Hauts-de-France Business

Res’Hauts-de-France Business brings together players in the regional economy and members of existing platforms (Boost French Fab, CCI Business, PlugInLabs, StarPartners, etc.) around the challenges of this ecosystem to enable them to respond collectively.

Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Industrie Technologique Innovante et Performante

At the heart of an industrial region, the Innovative and Efficient Technological Industry Professions and Qualifications Campus (ITIP) community is a federation of public and private players who run the International Learner Resource Village (“VRAI”).

Cluster des Technologies Innovantes de la Santé

The mission of the Innovative Health Technologies Cluster (TIS Cluster) is to unite companies in the health sector in an area ranging from Switzerland to Besançon, and even beyond. It brings together know-how mainly from the industrial DNA of Nord Franche-Comté.


The DINAMHySE project, launched in early 2019, aims to boost and accelerate the development of an industrial hydrogen sector in the Grand-Est region, across the entire value chain, from production to uses: mobility, buildings, storage of EnR, … and to implement hydrogen within the framework of the energy transition.

ID Network

HDFID (the Hauts-de-France regional agency) supports the ID Network community and supports innovation and development projects, regardless of the level of maturity.

With more than 500 projects supported each year, the agency provides its expertise and makes available its network of sectoral partners, in particular competitiveness clusters, centers of excellence and innovation parks.


The MATERALIA competitiveness cluster focuses on structuring materials and implementation processes. Its missions are to detect and set up innovative collaborative R&D projects, to support project leaders, to animate the ecosystem, to promote economic intelligence, monitoring as well as information and knowledge management.

Territoires d'industrie Bassin Gueugnon • Bourbon-Lancy

The Western Saône-et-Loire Industrial Territory brings together several communities of municipalities, of which Entre Arroux, Loire et Somme (CCEALS) is a part, with a project that is defined in two priority areas: innovation and pooling. Thus, thanks to the reflections carried out between public and private actors, this collaborative platform of collective intelligence was born to allow the actors of the field of industry and their partners to “do together”.

the communities

What is a Wudo community?

It’s a grouping of organizations and professionals who collaborate around a common goal or issue.

Can I join a community?

If you are a professional and would like to join a community, simply contact its managers. To do so, visit the public pages of the communities in the list above. Communities that are recruiting have an application form to complete.

Can we connect communities?

One of the advantages of our Wudo platform is that we can connect any interested communities.
For example, it allows :


  • Creatation of a regional meta-community
  • The ability to weigh in on a theme or goal on a larger scale
  • A way to increase connections