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WuDo in a nutshell

WuDo is an integrated digital solution to accelerate your projects and the transformation of your business. Share and value your skills in your communities, thanks to the collective intelligence platform. Handle all the latest technologies in the digital lab. And innovate within a secure legal framework.

Our Offer

Business communities

Transform your employees into “Skills Angels,” share their skill sets and collaborate with amazing partners with WuDo’s communities.

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Collective intelligence platform


Stimulate your projects and your transformation through collective intelligence and the tools available on the WuDo platform.

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Lab Digital


Access innovative solutions to create your proofs of concept: simulation tools, Chatbot, Blockchain, data analysis, No-Code app builders…

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Secure legal framework

Innovate with complete peace of mind, thanks to WuDo’s legal framework. Protect your contributions and your intellectual property within a blockchain solution.

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Why join Wudo?


Eliminate blockages in your projects, thanks to WuDo’s platform and communities. WuDo’s solutions also allow you to boost your HR appeal and your employees’ performance.


Join the community, share specific skill sets with other members and take advantage of their own expertise to help you with your professional projects.


Develop your reputation and offer your expertise to companies and start-ups looking to innovate.

Our partners

Redeem your skills and accelerate with the WuDo platform