Our support - Let's put people at the heart of the action

Our Wudo services

Having a team of community-based experts, it’s rare and very useful!

Our support

Let’s put people at the heart of the action

Let’s keep it secure

Ensure the realization of your project

We support you directly in carrying out each step of your project by offering you advice and personalized solutions.


Take advantage of effective internal and external networking.


Establish a workable schedule according to your situation and available resources


Work with your professional network to ensure the dynamic of your workflow.


Optimize your workforce by sharing your ideas and projects through your network

Let’s launch

Get your community off the ground

Ensure an effective launch for all your members as soon as the platform opening. As Coco Chanel said: “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression”.

Posting content online

Develop a set of contents to catch your members’ interest on their first login: welcome message, media, information monitoring, first proposals for collaborative projects, etc.

Launch event

Organize your launch event with ease using our templates: duration, organization, support, possible intervention of a Wudo representative (offline or online), etc.

Training webinars

Organize remote training (webinars) for your members by a Wudo trainer.

Let’s develop

Get your users going at top speed

According to your needs, we can advise you in the animation and development in your community.

Usage monitoring

Our project managers can provide statistical monitoring of your community’s usage and help you adapt the best action for you over time.

Advice on activity

Boost exchanges between members of your community.

Our technical solutions

Go even further with the Wudo platform

We offer you customized solutions according to your needs:
service integration or technical adaptation for your members.

Create your identity

Adapt the platform

Connect your services

Ready to turn on the power
of your professionnal networks?